Application for Mobile Internet – for Misawa Area Customers

Mobile Internet Price List

Application for Mobile Internet

We will contact you for contract details and arranging pick-up schedule after you submit the form below.
Responses may be delayed after business hours or on weekends.
Business Hours: 0900-1600 Mon-Fri, Closed on Japanese holidays

Please fill out the form below for HeroNet Mobile Internet application.

User Information

Employment Status

Active dutyDOD employeeContractorOther

Monthly plan

Mobile Hotspot UnlimitedSIM 5GB
Mobile HotSpot
Unlimited LTE ¥7,980/month
Sign-up Fee ¥3,000
Deposit ¥10,000
Deposit will be refunded when the device is returned to HeroNet.
First months fee will be prorated, but cancelling month WILL NOT be prorated.
SIM Card
5GB/month ¥3,500/month
Sign-up Fee ¥3,000
SIM card needs to be returned to HeroNet after cancellation. ¥3,300 of non-returned SIM card fee will be charged if it is not returned.


Pick-up at HeroNet office

Once you submit the form, HeroNet staff will contact you for contract details and scheduling pick-up date. Please note that there may be a waiting list depending on the availability of devices.